A Man with Three Months

A story by Muskan Bansal, Class 7, La Martiniere Girls' College, Lucknow

Stephen Mark was Tonald’s Mayor during the year 2010-2011. He was a father, a husband, a grandfather and a citizen. He was just an evil living between us. He was a sinful man, the cause of a blast that killed 3 people, the person who left his two sons and walked out of the family leaving the lady to herself.

That’s when God decided to punish him. He got heart disease; all his reports detected his death in three months and there he was out of his fantasy land in the real world. He now made up his mind to be a better person, to live the last three months of his life as a good man. He went to the cafe that his wife worked at and tried to talk to her but he was already dead for her since 12 years, the day he walked out the door. He got to know that his both sons were married and he was also a grandfather since 5 years. He went to talk to both the sons and their families but none would talk to him. He tried to get insurance to the families whose members died during the blast but since nothing had taken place since the last 7 years he couldn’t do anything. His last hope was now his grandson, Luke. He searched everything about him, his birthday, school and even his every day routine. He went to his school, gave him a gift and talked to him as a friend, he never reviled his true identity, and was happy but happiness is not for those who stay in the dark. One day Luke took some pictures of both of them in a park and showed it to his mother. She got too worried and told him that Stephen was a bad man and to stay away from him. When his father got to know about this he warned Stephen not to ruin their life’s again. He was now a man with no motive to live and a fading heart, so he decided not to live more. He went to the beach and dived in the ocean beds thinking about all cruel things he did that could not be forgiven by Lord, he closed his eyes and took the last breath of life and died, in the oceans of Tonald before 35 days of his predicted death.


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