Abstract Art by Grade 4 and 5 Kids

~ Swati Sharma

Little Artists… child art by children of class 4 and 5 at Study Hall school , Lucknow, India.

Child art by Arsh Agarwal Lucknow India

Arsh Agarwal

 Warli art by Bhanu Srivastava Lucknow India

Bhanu Srivastava

Child art by Bhavya Singh Lucknow India 

Bhavya Singh

 Child art by Fariha Rahman Lucknow India

Fariha Rahman

Child art by Ilma Abbasi Lucknow India

Ilma Abassi

Warli art by child Khushi Singh Lucknow India

Khushi Singh

Sunset in crayons by child Mridu Lucknow India 

Mridu Chopra

 Warli art by Poojit Lucknow India

Poojit Choudhary

Child art by Zoya Shaikh Lucknow India

Zoya Shaikh

Child art by Saima Siddiqui Lucknow India

Saima Siddiqui

 Child art by Devika Chawla Lucknow India

Devika Chawla

   Child art by Sukaina Masood Lucknow India

Sukaina Masood

Child art by Diya Singh Lucknow India

Diya Kaul

Child art by Mridu Chopra Lucknow India

Mridu Chopra

Child art by Tanisha V Lucknow India

Tanisha V. Singh


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