Dances of India Child Art

Extremely beautiful art work by children of Study Hall school, Lucknow, India

Art by child Ananya Singh Lucknow India

Ananya Singh,class 5

Incredible India Art by Aryama Singh Lucknow 

Aryama Singh, class 5

 Dances of India art by Engila Shere Lucknow India

Engila Shere, class 5

 Manipuri dancer art by Diya Kaul

Diya Kaul, class 5

Dandia dancers in art by child Hasnain Wahid 

Hasnain Wahid, class 5

Bharatnatyam dancers in art by child Hitakshi Tewari Study Hall school Lucknow India

Hitakshi Tewari, class 5

 Kathak and Bharatnatyam dancers in art by Paridhi Arya India

Paridhi Arya, class 5

Kathak dance in art by Vandita Singh India 

Vandita Singh, class 5

My home in art by child Rohit Singh Study Hall Lucknow India

Imaginary trees –My Three Wishes, by Rohit Singh, class 5

Santa visits in art by Fariha Rahman

Fariha Rahman, class 4


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