Time Never Returns

Gaurisha Prakash, class 5, Study Hall, Lucknow     

Teena and Meena were two good friends. Meena was a lazy girl. She wasted her time just sleeping and having dreams. Teena was very active. She loved play and study. One day Teena and Meena planned to go for a picnic with their friends. But for this, they had to complete their work. Teena did her work, packed her things and went to sleep. But Meena was feeling sleepy so she didn’t do her work. In the morning when they were departing, their mothers asked them that have they done their work. Everybody had done but Meena had not done. So her mother scolded her and canceled her picnic. Meena felt very embarrassed and promised that, will do all her work in time. Then her mother explained to her that time is very precious, we should not waste it because we have a limited time in our life. Time never returns. If you will waste time then it will waste you. Meena felt very sorry and promised her that she will never waste time again.


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