Mail Art

~ Swati Sharma

Mail Art is a form of art that utilizes a network of communication (whether it is postal, virtual, or physical) to correspond with the masses. It serves as a medium that allows creative interaction between people from different backgrounds and parts of the world. Mail art comes in many shapes, sizes, colors, and contents, but it can be divided into two main groups: original and mass produced. Mail Art can be designed by hand, machine, or computer. In addition, Mail Art does not necessarily have to be a physical object. E-mail, programming, and web design are just some forms of virtual Mail Art. There are also many techniques employed in creating Mail Art. For example, handmade Mail Art can be designed using painting, drawing, collage’, printmaking, sculpture, photography, installation, performance, computer, and many other techniques.

Mail art envelope with insert  

Mail Art- envelope with insert

Mail art envelope front leaf printing

Mail Art- front of the envelope

Mail art envelope back leaf printing and collage idea

Mail Art- back of the envelope

Mail art leaf printing and water color painting

Mail Art- insert


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