Drawing a Lion in Grade 3 |No-Prep Sub Plan: Lion Drawing Video and Writing, Art, Science, and SEL Activities

Grade 3 Fun Learning: How to Draw a Lion with CCSS, SEL, Writing Prompts, and No-Prep Sub Plan

Hello, Grade 3 teachers! We have an engaging educational activity to make your back-to-school planning a breeze. In this video, we'll guide your students through the enjoyable process of drawing a lion while seamlessly incorporating Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), writing prompts, and even a no-prep substitute teacher plan.

Educational Benefits:

  • ✏️ CCSS Writing Skills: Encourage students to write a short paragraph describing their lion drawing, reinforcing their writing skills as they practice descriptive writing, aligning with CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.3.2.

  • Science: Explore basic facts about lions, discussing their habitat, diet, and distinctive features, which align with elementary-level science curricula.

  • Geography: Take a brief virtual journey to Africa to introduce students to the lion's natural habitat and its place in the ecosystem.

  • Environmental Awareness: Foster environmental awareness by discussing the importance of conservation and the need to protect lion habitats.

  • SEL: Encourage social awareness and emotional expression as students share their art and appreciate others' creations. Discuss empathy towards wildlife and the environment, aligning with SEL objectives.

  • Writing Prompts: Use the lion drawing as inspiration for writing prompts, encouraging creativity and critical thinking. Prompts can cover topics like "If I Met a Lion," "A Day in the Life of a Lion," and more.

  • No-Prep Sub Plan: This lion drawing activity can double as a no-prep substitute teacher plan. Leave the video instructions and suggested writing prompts for the substitute teacher, ensuring a productive and engaging day for your students in your absence.

By combining these educational elements, this lion drawing activity becomes a comprehensive learning experience that enriches your Grade 3 students intellectually, creatively, and emotionally. It's an ideal way to start the school year, fostering curiosity, empathy, and a deeper understanding of the world.

We hope this activity simplifies your back-to-school week planning and empowers your Grade 3 students to embark on a fulfilling and educational journey as they learn to draw a lion! ️

Drawing a Lion in Grade 3 |No-Prep Sub Plan: Lion Drawing Video and Writing, Art, Science, and SEL Activities


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