Let the colours flow this Holi!

~ Swati Sharma

Be lively this Holi!

          As the exciting day starts, beam to yourself in the mirror as you coat yourself with palms, full of oil to prevent the chipku Holi colours actually sticking to you, as the liberal spreading of oil over your body and hair will help you get rid off them easily and help your skin retain its healthiness.      

          Don’t look too hyper as it may reveal your mischievous intentions for the day and just at the slightest hint somebody smarter could attack you unawares. Keep a mirror in your pocket to let people see their faces after you have fulfilled your hearts desire to make them look like colourful strange beings.

          Be cautious and well prepared i.e. well armed with those pakka rangs-violets, reds, greens and magenta pinks are the best.

          Once scrubbed thoroughly with lots of colour on wet palms, it will surely give the victim a tough time getting rid of its hard to get off hues. Don’t forget to massage the head with handfuls of colour. Quickly pour some water over the head to see some colourful trickles rolling down from the head through the nest of ruffled hair. Keep your eyes wide open and ears alert. Maintain a fair distance from the opponent as you hear the squeals and shrieks.

Maybe now it’s your turn -after all that’s the spirit of Holi. Use silver and golden paints to paint up faces of course using your palms and fingers as your paintbrush.

          Keep bathtubs full of water thoroughly mixed with rich colours, which can give your skin a new tone –at least for a few days once you’ve dived into it. Splash away in merriment in mini pools of coloured water. Make it mandatory for all to go through the pool or help them open-handedly–if they’re avoiding it. Go bonkers with colours.

Dust everybody with abeer and gulal, especially those who can still be recognized and have been hiding until now. Then smear the same fail-proof pakka rang over their faces and promptly show them the mirror to capture their astonishment.

Have a bash with your family and friends. Dance to the latest music, go crazy playing pranks, crack jokes, laugh to your heart’s content and be in a complete festive mode. Munch lots of gujjias and other goodies to call it a cherished day!

Have a whale of time this Holi!


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