December at last...

December at last...

~ Swati Sharma

Santa Claus Silhouette


Nippy winter mornings are a fascinating sight. As I sit up on my bed and look out of the window to admire the bounties of nature, it enlivens me for a fresh start. The chilly air has the silvery sun for company that plays hide and seek through the enchanting mist around.

In the serene mornings, the only sound heard is that of dewdrops falling gently and collecting on the leaves, grass and petals. They adorn everything looking like crystals scattered generously by God.  Birds rouse from their warm and cosy nests. They ruffle their feathers and titter ‘good morning’ to the world with their cheery calls.

If winter comes, can Christmas be far behind? After all, ‘tis the season to be jolly, la la la…’ Christmas means a time to be together and pray for peace and happiness for all. Christmas brings joy in the hearts and smiles on the faces, jingly bells and lots of gifts. Happiness is here for all to share.

Christmas carols fill the air, especially in churches and schools. Children wait for Santa with baited breaths and squeal with delight as they receive their X’mas stockings overflowing with gifts. Christmas brings merry-making and with it special lunches and dinners – delicious cakes, puddings and pies that melt in the mouth.

Time moves on, yet another year comes to an end, much like an ever spinning wheel. Flowers spread their fragrance and warmth despite the chilly breeze. Fields of seasonal flowers blossom in all their vibrant colours.

From the bright red poinsettias and roses, orange and yellow nasturtiums, calendulas and marigolds to the pansies and larkspurs in the shades of blue and violet, the rainbow seems to have come down to earth. Despite the piercing cold, the joy of a new beginning cannot be missed.


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