How Beautiful Is The Rain!

~ Swati Sharma

Raindrops on leaves

‘How beautiful is the rain! After the dust and heat, in the broad and fiery street and in the narrow lane; how beautiful is the rain!’ – Longfellow. The moment cool breeze starts blowing and signifies a welcome sprinkle Nature turns up in the best of its spirits. Dark clouds cover the enormous sky, ready to spill millions of silver drops down on the parched earth. The first drops fill my heart with joy. Through the rain cover I can see my trees swaying to and fro and the leaves dancing to the tunes of numerous droplets. Freshly bathed trees sparkle with a bright green that soothes the eyes. Huge branches droop with the weight of thousands of drenched leaves. Birds and other creatures in the trees try to balance themselves and hide as much as possible after being soaking wet. As it continues to pitter-patter, it’s a pleasure to watch them fall on the ground in long silver streaks. How beautiful is the rain! Soon the ambience is full of life. Its water, water everywhere! Ripples all around! Plants and flowers look rain-trodden as they lie low flowing helplessly in over flowing puddles. Innumerable insects and creatures cling to their stems for safety but some are not so fortunate and they sadly get carried away in the swift current. The grass is submerged with murky water and in some places only a few brave heads can be seen popping their heads up. Just like the heaven above, water below is also in a hurry to go somewhere – maybe to meet the nearest pond, lake, stream, river or perhaps the mighty sea! Little hurried pathways are formed and the water rushes down the self made course, carrying with itself mud, pebbles, leaves, twigs, flowers, paper boats belonging to happy little children and various other stuff! Gradually the sky lightens and the clouds become lighter and whiter drifting slowly to some other needy place to repeat the same magic. Slowly the rain comes to an end but it is still raining under the trees, and will continue to even at a little breeze. After all they have stored so much that poured!


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