4 Leaf Clover Crochet Bunting Free Pattern

Learn how to make four leaf Clover Crochet Bunting with step by step instructions.

Row1: Chain 6, slip stitch to make a ring.

Row2: Single crochet 14

Row3: *Chain 4, Triple crochet in next 2 spaces. In both triple crochet stitches, do not complete them. You will have 3 loops on your crochet hook, pull through all 3 together and chain 4, slip stich into the next space in the ring.* One fourth of the leaf is complete. Repeat from *to* 3 times to complete the four leaved clover. Chain 6 and slip stich into the next space to make a loop.  Make several of these four leaf clovers to run through a string and decorate your home or workspace with the bunting.

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