Yoga Teaches Us...

~Riya Dawra , Anshika Sabbarwal & Sarisha Dixit, class 5, La Martiniere Girls' College, Lucknow.

Yoga is fun,

In Winter , Monsoon or Sun . Yoga is fun.

Yoga teaches us to save trees, 

And how to save bees.

It teaches us to help others,

Even our brothers.   

Yoga helps us to meditate,

And no one can get irritate.

Healthy food we have to eat,

Not chicken, fish and meat. 

When we do yoga we feel wonderful,

And also make our environment beautiful.

We will plant many trees,

To eat vegetables , fruits and milk products like ice-cream , butter and cheese. 

This is what Yoga teaches us to help others in need.                                                             


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