Indian Tri-colour Badges Craft

india-tri-color-badge for school boy kids craft idea
~ Swati Sharma Make these badges for Independence Day or Republic Day in India.
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22 June,2014 | Views: 6935

Tri Color Rangoli

Art by Aditi Jalan Study Hall school Lucknow India
~ Aditi Jalan, Class 5C, Study Hall, Lucknow Material used are paper for quilling, rice, mirror glass and glitter.
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29 August,2013 | Views: 5027

Indian Flag Tri Colour Collage'

art by Gaurisha Prakash Lucknow India
~ Gaurisha Prakash, Class 5, Study Hall, Lucknow This Collage’ Rangoli has been made by using coloured sawdust and refined flour.
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24 August,2013 | Views: 4833