The Joy of Gardening and Feeding Birds

Chaitanya Yadav from La Martiniere Girls’ College, Lucknow enjoys taking care of her garden, full of flowers and vegetables and insect and bird friends. Chaitanya is sensitive about her environment and understands the value of saving plants and animals on Earth and inspires children her age to do so. She also keeps water and food for birds in her Terrace garden and she is blessed to have sparrows and other birds visit her throughout the day bringing joy and chirps to her home.

north india garden and sparrows

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north india sparrows food and water Chaitanya Tewari India Lucknow

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north india garden

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north india rooftop garden

Nature lover Chaitanaya Tewari Lucknow India

Rooftop garden pots India Lucknow

Garden in pots Lucknow India


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